The Hair Shampoos
Of course Hair is a secret weapon of any woman! To maintain a natural beauty of curls there are many diverse means. Natural Shampoos are very popular among them. Its main advantage is safety. In addition products based on natural components give strands a healthy look, protect hair follicle and help to cope with many unpleasant problems.
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The Hair Conditioners GREENINI
Conditioner is perhaps the most popular Hair Care product after Shampoo. It helps rinse off a rest of Shampoo, creates a protective layer on your locks, prevents an excessive tension during combing and a statistical electricity accumulation. A result of using Conditioner will not take long: shine and silkiness come back to Hair and combing & styling will not cause much trouble.
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Hair Masks GREENIN
Beautiful, shiny, healthy Hair, like a precious adornment, complement the female image and make it even more beautiful. True that not all girls can boast of luxurious ringlets donated by Nature, but a competent approach and correctly chosen Care products work wonders! GREENINI Hair masks have an intense effect on Hair and have healing properties due to a high concentration of healing components in a composition. Your Hair literally becomes thicker before your eyes and shimmers like Chinese silk!
Hair Creams GREENINI
LEAVE-IN HAIR CREAMS GREENINI — professional products with an instant effect for a total Hair econstruction! Fill all micro cracks and voids in damaged Hair, restoring its structure. Give a density to strands, nourish and protect against external negative factors.
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Hair Sprays and Lotions GREENINI
NATURAL SPRAY LOTION instantly moisturizes Hair, makes it easier to comb and helps untangling even the driest and thinnest Hair. Protects from fluffiness and static electricity, gives Hair a natural shine
Leave-in Fluid Oils for Hair with a light texture envelops each hair, "seals" split ends, creating a protective covering. The keratin included in the composition fills the voids of the hair shaft, thanks to this, the hair becomes smooth, obedient and shiny. Does not make hair heavier. Regular use will allow you to achieve the perfect condition of your hair.

SUPERFOOD is a new trend with a universal love for natural ingredients and a craze for a healthy lifestyle. Natural ingredients are based on berries, fruits and vegetables, seeds, algae, mineral compounds. Vitamin mixes are for proper and healthy nutrition of skin and hair. In the frantic modern pace of life, such cosmetics are a real salvation.


  • Antioxidant protection.
  • Saturation with vitamins and microelements.
  • Total hydration and nutrition.
  • Prevention of early signs of aging.
  • Stimulation of the production of own collagen.
  • Acceleration of skin regeneration.
  • Resistance to harmful environmental impact.

natural compositions, "tasty" aromas, light textures, bright modern design, universality (one product replaces several), suitable for all skin types, convenient packaging format.
Hair Shampoos
Shampoo # nbsp; - the first hair product, without which caring for # nbsp; them is simply impossible. Purge # nbsp; is its main function, but # nbsp; is far from # nbsp; the only one.

SUPERFOOD SHAMPOOS provide a healthy diet to properly nourish your hair! A series of caring shampoos on # nbsp; basis of natural ingredients without parabens, silicones and # nbsp; dyes are specially designed for effective cleansing, strengthening and # nbsp; protection of hair. Suitable for all hair types.

BASIC SUPERFOOD: spirulina, banana, almonds, red ginseng, pink grapefruit, green tea.
Hair Balms
SUPERFOOD HAIR BALM is a creamy hair care product that intensively penetrates deep into the hair shaft, fills in voids, makes curls smooth and elastic. In addition to the cosmetic effect, the product carefully cares for the curls, nourishes and restores damaged locks, creating a protective layer against the negative effects of the environment.

Falling in love with balm is worth it for many reasons. For example, it is versatile and easy to use. It also copes well with naughty curly ends and nourishes split ends.

BASIC SUPERFOOD: spirulina, banana, almonds, red ginseng, pink grapefruit, green tea.
Hair SPA Masks
Using hair masks on a # nbsp; regular basis is vital to keeping hair strong, healthy and shiny.

Masks contain useful substances in # nbsp; concentrated form and # nbsp; directly penetrate into the hair.

SUPERFOOD HAIR SPA MASKS # nbsp; - the main secret of healthy and # nbsp; beautiful hair! An additional diet for intensive nutrition, restoration and # nbsp; hair hydration. The balanced formula of the compositions of the masks penetrates deep into the # nbsp; structure of each hair, strengthens the hair follicles, fills the hair cells with nutrients and # nbsp; the necessary amount of moisture.

BASIC SUPERFOOD: papaya, mango, avocado, sea buckthorn.
Hair Fluids
Vibes is an ambulance for hair. They are convenient to use when express recovery is needed.

SUPERFOOD HAIR FLUID is an instant-action product that can significantly improve the appearance and condition of hair in a short time, thicken the structure, even out the hair cuticle, provide protection against split ends and negative environmental influences.

BASIC SUPERFOOD: wheat grains, avocado, kiwi, silk proteins.
Hair Sprays
SUPERFOOD SPRAYS   - the final stage of hair care.

They are very simple in # nbsp; application, but # nbsp; at the same time they bring a lot of benefits: moisturize, fortify hair, make curls silky, facilitate combing, protect from # nbsp; thermal effects, prevent moisture loss

BASIC SUPERFOOD: passion fruit, Scandinavian cranberry, pomegranate, pink grapefruit.
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