Shower Oils GREENINI
Unique gentle cleansing, moisturizing, softening and a freshness feeling on Skin — all this is a result of an action of FOAMING SHOWER OIL GREENINI. This product has an oily consistency but when in a contact with water it turns into delicate foam. 55% of oils in the composition make no need to use emollients for a body after shower.

SUPERFOOD is a new trend with a universal love for natural ingredients and a craze for a healthy lifestyle. Natural ingredients are based on berries, fruits and vegetables, seeds, algae, mineral compounds. Vitamin mixes are for proper and healthy nutrition of skin and hair. In the frantic modern pace of life, such cosmetics are a real salvation.


  • Antioxidant protection.
  • Saturation with vitamins and microelements.
  • Total hydration and nutrition.
  • Prevention of early signs of aging.
  • Stimulation of the production of own collagen.
  • Acceleration of skin regeneration.
  • Resistance to harmful environmental impact.

natural compositions, "tasty" aromas, light textures, bright modern design, universality (one product replaces several), suitable for all skin types, convenient packaging format.
Body Scrubs
One of the # nbsp; most useful and # nbsp; irreplaceable cosmetics for # nbsp; caring for # nbsp; favorite body is a scrub. It # nbsp; perfectly cleanses the skin, removes the stratum corneum, has a nourishing and moisturizing effect, and # nbsp; also massages the body and # nbsp; stimulates capillary blood circulation.

The positive effect of # nbsp; action of this tool is not # nbsp; long in coming. Body scrubs can generally be categorized by # nbsp; texture, origin, abrasive particle size and # nbsp; mechanism of action.

The # nbsp; GREENINI SUPERFOOD collection contains the most effective and pleasant types of scrubs for # nbsp; use: sugar, sugar-salt, gel and # nbsp; soufflé.

BASICSUPERFOOD: grapefruit, grape seed, mango, goji berries, acai berries.
Body Yoghurts
Soft, gentle and # nbsp; light YOGHURT FOR BODY perfectly moisturizes and # nbsp; nourishes the skin, absorbs quickly, leaving # nbsp; oily shine. Delicious aromas of cherry pits and # nbsp; creamy pistachios turn the skin hydration procedure into # nbsp; real bliss.

Use GREENINI SUPERFOOD yoghurts for # nbsp; body care every day and # nbsp; within a few days you will # nbsp; feel more well-groomed and # nbsp; attractive.

BODY YOGURT GREENINI SUPERFOOD # nbsp; - a real gift for your skin!

BASIC SUPERFOOD: cherry, pistachio. .
Soufflé and Body Butters
BODY SOUFFLE GREENINI SUPERFOOD # nbsp; - the most delicate dessert of beauty, which does # nbsp; harm the figure!

The airy texture, reminiscent of whipped cream, envelops the skin in a veil of valuable SUPERFOOD vitamins and # nbsp; leaves a wonderful feeling of smoothness, hydration and # nbsp; velvety. Soufflé has unsurpassed moisturizing and # nbsp; nourishing properties, increases the elasticity of any type of skin.

BASIC SUPERFOOD: almonds, vanilla.

BODY BUTTER # nbsp; is a creamy solid vegetable oil that starts to melt on contact with # nbsp; skin.

GREENINI SUPERFOOD Body Butter has a soft, thick texture and # nbsp; SUPERFOOD antioxidants, deeply moisturizes and # nbsp; nourishes the skin, instantly eliminates the feeling of tightness, dryness and # nbsp; flaking. Regular use of the Body Butter "seals" moisture in the skin and # nbsp; protects from # nbsp; wilting.

BASIC SUPERFOOD: banana, coconut.
Additional Care
for Hands and Nails
CREAMS AND # nbsp; GREENINI SUPERFOOD HAND MASKS, which you want to eat # nbsp; - a storehouse of vitamins for satin pens and # nbsp; strong nails. Intensively moisturize and # nbsp; nourish the skin of the hands, improve the condition of nails and # nbsp; cuticles, even out the tone and # nbsp; refresh the skin of the hands.

BASIC SUPERFOOD: carrots, coconut, blueberries.
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